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Get Your Business Online

It is time to get your business online. And if your business is online, then it is time to get your business online effectively. Did you know that your browser can now reach more than 175 Million web sites? It makes sense that you get some good quality technical help on your side for your online business.

Many "free" websites will not do any technical work for you in the price you pay, do we? YES, and we are even cheaper than many free websites plus we give you more power, better quality designs [or can use yours] and personalized assistance. FTP access for the technically minded or we do it all for you if you're not technically minded.

So let us help get your business firmly online. An ideal gift for self, family, worthy friends, trial projects as well as Aussie NEIS startup ventures. Paypal and Google-Checkout help too!

In progress HTML5 + WordPress SEO examples: a) Late2Night Sexy Adult Products, b) Hicks Homes Luxury Custom Home Builder of Adelaide, c) articul8's Corporate & Lifestyle Writing for the Events & Real Estate Industries, d) Magic Wand Green Cleaning's Domestic House & Office Cleaning in Perth

For online National & International enquiries:

message the Website Administrator now

Australian telephone enquiries:
Mobile: 0423 839 499

Melbourne OnSite Computer Service, Repairs & Training:
Mobile: 0423 839 499

Why does this site continually encourage small business and the general public to use google search?

Search Engine Stats
They do a much better job of finding us and most likely you too! Is your website being found? We can help.


SEO and other Website Admin Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is just one of the discount website admin services we offer. SEO helps to position your website among the first results returned by the search engines in response to a search enquiry. There are two methods to get your website listed among the first search results.

One SEO method is free and the other is a paid advertising SEO method.

The free SEO method is where the website admin ensures the page can be found by the search engine and that it does not violate search engine rules or recommendations. is quite possibly the best in the businesses to hire for SEO services and website performance enhancement.

Available for new or existing websites and are very proficient with the second method of SEO service too.

The second SEO method is the paid SEO method which is actually SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is actually a marketing strategy and normally involves bidding against your competitors to discover who is more willing to pay the highest fee for the pleasure of displaying their advertisement in the search engine page or on a page of a website that allow advertisements to be displayed. You can see this method at work on this page.

What ever your choice, we can assist you with either method.

Don't get tricked into a website that needs lots of continuous & expensive work.

Websites are technical. We are technical, cheap and result driven. Don't become one of the many website owners that are now in need of expensive and extensive ongoing SEO work to drive in new business? Fact: Average automatic website building software will build you an average website that will get average results in the search engines.

What is an average result in terms of website hits per week to your average website?
If you look at the bottom of this page, you'll see we list our global ranking widget. The most popular website would rank #1. There are over 175,000,000 websites currently in the world and we rank better than 174,800,000 of them. So we have a better idea on how to answer this question more than most. The average website will get about 10 hits a week [being generous here]. 98% of search engine hits are from google.

Do your self a favour and contact us now to see how we can help you.

Did you get a free website that is not really free at all?

Many free websites are simply not professional enough for the small business. Some insert logos and ads with out your permission (and they keep any commission earned from those ads too). To remove the logo and ads, you must pay an extra fee. Some offer email forwarding only or make you pay extra for a proper business email account. Many have extra levels of fees for hosting and don't allow uploads of any file to your own website. To use Paypal on your web site can also cost you extra. The cost of having your own domain name is another expense. So, how much is your free website really, and don't forget the GST? $99 per year? $143 per year? $139.12 per year? And as soon as you want an extend or expand your service, the price is going to go up at least an extra $60 per year.

We could say our free website deal is $ 0.5o cents a year because this is how much extra you pay for our best deal. But only for the first 4 customers of each month (advance bookings may be accepted). Our next deal (no current purchase limitations) is equivalent to $149.50 / year [equals an extra 4.21 per month].

Professional Website Services

Can we offer a better deal for the same sort of money for professional website services? Yes! We can offer you a fully functional, fully designed (or we can install wordpress, drupal or joomla etc. if you prefer to design your own website) and fully hosted website with gigabytes of creating room, emails, no download or upload limits etc. no domain name fees etc. so you don't need to pay another cent on your website for the next ten years. And we'll give you full ownership of the whole lot. You can transfer it to anywhere you like. Manange it your self, have someone else do it -whatever you want. It will be fully yours to keep or to sell. All this for under $1000.oo! That's less than $10.oo per month. Be quick and order your website or request us to transfer your existing website now. This is a limited time deal for those that want a powerful website presence without the fuss. First in, best dressed!

This offer is for standard websites. You get 6 hours of free admin time and can have as many web pages and website enhancements that we can do in this amount of time. We type and work fast so this might be up to 50 pages or more. It depends on how much detail you would like your web pages to have. This deal can also include setup for several online sales items at no extra cost. We also offer free ongoing website support as needed with discount rates for extra work you may need or want in the future.

If my website budget for promotion is $10 per month, can you still help? or I pay about $30 per month for the hosting of my small website. I (want) (don't want) (don't care) to use a content management system and only have monthly updates or specials I would like to promote. Can you manage my site with the content updates and some seo for the same approximate price?

Yes. We strongly support small businesses and small office, home office (SoHo) enterprises and offer the best of our deals to this demographic regardless of your geographic location. This includes regular mild website monitoring with our specialty website service designed to raise the awareness of your internet presence with the search engine community from as little as $10 per month. We can also use your existing hosting plan or migrate your website to one of our recommended plans. A free monthly update is included from as little as $20 per month for basic web pages. Our best price hosting deal will add about $10 per month. Yes, that includes a basic modern design & set up your website with optional email, unlimited up & downloads, many many gigabytes of web space and a host of other powerful features offered as standard. Plus you'll get 50% off our hourly rate for any extra work you want.


Website Administrator Definition:

Website Administrator: (also Web Site Administrator, Site Administrator, Website Admin, Web Site Admin and Site Admin.)

Definition: noun; The formal job description designation of the person responsible for the establishment, operation and/or ongoing maintenance of a website(s). The Website Administrator's technical duties culminate into a demonstrable package of integrated and discernible documented media that is accessible from an allocated address on the World Wide Web or an Intranet.

Derivation: World Wide Web + from Latin sinere to leave, allow + from Latin administrare, to serve

Synonyms: 'website admin', 'website developer', 'web developer', 'website architect', 'web architect', 'webmaster', 'webmeister'. See also 'website designer', 'web designer'.